About me

I’m currently a first-year PhD student at the University of Chicago. I’m interested in negation, syntax, Amazonian languages, and grammaticalization.

I did an independent major in Linguistic Theory at Grinnell College (with a semester at Universidad de Salamanca and at University of York, and a summer at CU Boulder), then I jumped back across the pond for an MA in Comparative Syntax and Semantics at the University of York.

First-year linguistics PhD student at the University of Chicago. My first article was published in December 2019 in Diachronica 36.4 about Iquito grammaticalization.

Stay tuned!

My name

My first name is spelled Brianna for all professional and legal matters. It’s spelled Briannah for all social and casual matters. Feel free to use whichever suits you; I like them both.

Pronunciation: IPA [ˌbɹiˈjæ̃.nə] or just know that Brianna Banana makes a near rhyme.

Academia and beyond

I’m a strong proponent of the serial comma, vegan food, and walking. I love playing and listening to Zimbabwean music. Whenever possible, I go trekking across the world somewhere. You can follow my ungraceful Twitter @AngryLinguist or check out my blog called Back Down Grape Lane. You’ll find me at my happiest on stage or on a mountain…

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